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Fighter, Twd, Jeffery Dean Morgan
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a man wearing sunglasses and a hat sitting in a stadium
Stay Ducky 🦆
a man sitting in the middle of a field with a frisbee next to him
a man sitting in a chair with a microphone on top of his head and wearing a hat
a man holding a duck in his arms while wearing glasses and a red plaid shirt
a man wearing a cowboy hat sitting in front of a fence next to a cow
Kids, Guys My Age
a man with his eyes closed standing in front of a car
a man sitting in front of a shelf filled with bottles and jars on it's sides
a man holding a toy in his hand while sitting next to a wall with posters on it
an old man wearing sunglasses and a hat is petting a large animal with his hands
an older man sitting on the side of a train car with his hands folded out
an older man is looking at his cell phone while sitting in front of a bookshelf
Jeffery Dean Morgan One-shots - Supernatural (John Winchester)
the actor is talking to jimmy kimmel about his upcoming show, jimmy kimmel live
a man is cooking in the kitchen while holding a wooden spoon up to his mouth
a man is cooking in the kitchen while wearing glasses and holding a spatula with food on it
a man is cooking on the stove in his kitchen
a woman and two children posing for a photo in front of an old farm windmill
a man is walking down the street with his luggage and wearing a plaid jacket, scarf and boots
a man walking in the woods with a backpack on his back and wearing a jacket
a man standing in front of a light with his arm wrapped around an oxygen tube
a man sitting next to a woman on top of a bed reading a book in a bedroom