Art of Hosting: Are we asking the right questions?  (Martin Gee/Globe Staff )

just ask - The Boston Globe

We ask questions all the time. What if we approached questioning as a skill we could develop and refine? A handful of thinkers argue that it’s possible - and could even be transformative.

Art of Hosting - "Groan Zone" in Motion

At the Art of Participatory Leadership (Art of Hosting) training at the University of Minnesota in January we explain Sam Kaner's model of divergence/c.

Art of Hosting - Open Space video

This video delves into the Art of Hosting technique of Open Space, which is a tremendous way for a group of people to explore an issue deeply.

Art of Hosting - Proaction Cafe - YouTube

The powerful Art of Hosting technique of Proaction Cafe is explored in this video as means of moving from discussion into action.

Art of Hosting - Circle - YouTube

This video explores the concept of Circle, which is an Art of Hosting method of organizing group communication.