Every Man Should Know These Tips To Look Good In A Suit

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If you have no idea what the difference is between a Square Cuff and a French Cuff, get schooled before you go looking for your wedding attire with this handy infographic!

Im feeling this english cut. Mens suit breakdown <---This was made to show how to draw them, but it gives really good details if you're looking to buy a suit or tux.

The Difference Between British, Italian, & American Suits Infographic

Difference Between British, Italian, & American Suit Styles Infographic

The Difference Between British, Italian, & American Suits Infographic the Italian suit makes the American one look dopey

The NeoClassic Man™ makes a commitment and firmly stands by it.  -Take note.

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"Today I Will Be A Better Man" - A sentiment that is always in style. Yes this is actually meant for style but a lot of people - regardless of gender or gender identity preference - should be able strive to be better.

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Are you able to sit back and relax, enjoying a good drink and a fine cigar, while waiting for your turn at your barbershop?

Drapper's code

Mens dress codes can be confusing. So use our dress code infographic to ensure you dress impeccably for every event.