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Coachella Cuties! This fringed For Love and Lemons skirt is PERFECT for dancing the day (and night) away at your favorite festival.
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"It's you and me and all the other people, and I don't know why I can't keep my eyes off of you."
Dance The Night Away Heels: Black #shophopes
She danced all night...and all the way home...
Glitter bombs :: Gypsy Sparkle :: Sequins :: Iridescent :: Mermaid Luxe :: Stardust :: Sparkling Fashion Photography + Style Inspiration
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Buy your tickets now and get the 'Not Your Mother's Studio 54' look at local retailers #TheArchives, #ElektrikBoutique and #LaLaCouture in Ft.Lauderdale!
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Invite Camden over and I'll bring Nathaniel! We could so do this it'd be a double date! @Izzie