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Phonics Reading Passages
VCCV Rabbit Syllable Division - Teach. Run. Create.
Phonics Instruction, Cvc Words
Open and Closed Syllable instruction
Amigurumi Patterns, Sight Word Games, Diy, Phonics Games, Literacy Games, Sight Word Activities
Sight Word Guess Who Game
Vowel Teams Part 1 Ps, Word Families, Phonics Practice, Teaching Spelling, Decoding Words, Spelling Words
Vowel Teams Part 1 - Sarah's Teaching Snippets
Vowel Teams Part 1
Closed Syllables, Teaching Strategies
Phonics Interventions, First Grade Phonics
Activities to Promote Orthographic Mapping - Campbell Creates Readers
What is the Schwa? Sounding Out Words, English Lessons For Kids
What is the Schwa? - Sarah's Teaching Snippets
What is the Schwa?
Syllable Types - Sarah's Teaching Snippets
Syllable Types - Sarah's Teaching Snippets
Syllables - Word Work - Literacy Station This is an all inclusive pack for introducing students to syllables! This file contains: Page 1: Syllable Anchor Chart Pages 4-8: Color Syllable Sort Headers and Picture Cards These cards can also be used for Rhyming Words
English Spelling, Teaching Spelling Rules
Balayage, Ipa, Phonics Sounds, Phonics Sounds Chart