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two tattoos with different designs and colors on the side of their bodies, one has a heart
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a woman with a skull and cross bones tattoo on her back
an owl with flowers on it's arm is shown in black and white ink
an owl sticker sitting on top of a wooden table
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an owl tattoo on the arm is shown in black and grey colors, with a cross at the center
a close up of a person's leg with tattoos on it and an animal in the background
a close up of a person's arm with tattoos on it
29 Gap Filler Tattoos to Fill in the Blanks in 2021 - Small Tattoos & Ideas
a colorful fish tattoo on the arm with a musical instrument in it's mouth
a cat sitting on top of an easel with paintbrushes in its paws
a couple of skulls with flames on their arms are shown in this tattoo style photo