Cake Pucks

The NEW way to make chocolate covered desserts!! Similar to the cake pop but WAY easier! For the beginner and the professional. A set of silicone molds…
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Cupcakes to CakePucks
Pumpkin Spice CakePucks!
Have you heard of CakePucks?
Lemon Oreo Cake Pucks!
Oreo Cookie Pucks! Any flavor will work but these lemon ones have a perfect mix of tart with white chocolate. So easy and delicious! #chocolatecoveredoreos got #revamped #cakepucks #bentycakes #oreo #nobakedessert
Cake Puck Vs Chocolate Oreo
The new way to do delicious chocolate covered desserts! #cakepucks #bentycakes #original #chocolatecoveredoreos #oreo #bakerlife
Fruity Pebble Cake Pucks!
So fast and easy! But should I be calling it a Rice Crispie Puck since there’s no cake? 😂#cakepucks #bentycakes #ricecrispytreats #fruitypebbles #chocolatecovered #marshmallows #meltlikebutter @johnmichaelhowell
Best Buttercream!
Flavor cant be beat- its fantastic for #cakepucks or anything else that needs #buttercream Cake Puck molds that make chocolate covered easy!
Cake Pucks!
Chocolate covered just got easier. #cakepucks #bentycakes #chocolate #cakepops #revamped
The New Cake Puck!
The fast and easy way to make delicious desserts. The cakepop got revamped!
a cake that is sitting on top of a plate with the words, tasty - unique
Cake Pucks
A new way to make beautiful and delicious treats! Similar to a cake pop but a much easier way to create beautiful chocolate covered desserts. Benty Cakes is the home of the original #cakepuck mold! For beginning bakers and professionals.
a person holding a plate with cakes on it and the words, the original cake picks learn more
Cake Puck Molds
You can make your own beautiful Cake Pucks with our easy to use original mold set. For the beginner or the pro- you can make delicious chocolate covered desserts without the head ache!
there are many different cakes and cupcakes in this collage with the words cake picks
Unique Easy and Delicious Cake Pucks
The Benty Cakes original mold set will help you create beautiful chocolate covered desserts without the hassle! For the beginner or the professional.
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Easy unique and tasty Cake Pucks!
The Benty Cakes mold set will let you create your own delicious chocolate covered desserts without the headache! For beginners or professionals the #cakepuck is a sweet little template for your creativity!