Butterfly tattoo on shoulder

Collection by Betty Adams


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Black and white flower tattoo highlight your personality and improve your self-image, each tattoo carries a different special message.

Butterfly Tattoo Designs - The Body is a Canvas

The butterfly is the symbol of whimsical, free flight. Light and airy, filled with honey and goodness, the sweet butterfly floats over the peaceful landscape, bringing tranquility and harmony with it wherever it flies. So, if you’re looking for a symbol of harmony and oneness with nature that is truly universal, why not check out…Read more →

30 Delicate Small Tattoo Designs for Girls - The First-Hand Fashion News for Females

Small tattoos with simple patterns are really cute, which will give you a very special experience of tattoos, especially for those who do tattoos for the first time, small tattoos are easier to accept. Tattoos can convert images in life into simple strokes, which are very interesting on the body. They can choose a very memorable photo and turn it into a tattoos to record a moving memory, and it really sounds good ~

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Any of these classy designs is sure to prove wrong anyone with prejudices towards tatoos.