Figure out why you need to repair your lawn.

How to Repair Your Lawn

How to Renovate an Unhealthy Lawn Solve your lawn's problems with our step-by-step guide to lawn renovation.

Compact and fast-growing, alyssum is an annual in most areas. It sends up dense, tiny fragrant white flowers (varieties with pink, lavender, and cream flowers are available, too) and, if cut back, will bloom fairly continuously throughout the growing season. Zones 5-9

Best Plants for Landscape Edging

Best Plants for Landscape Edging: basics on alyssum, barren wort, bloody geranium, Japanese forest grass, lady's mantle and sedum

For a few weeks each summer, Gloria Ward's dining room table is all about hydrangeas.

How to Dry Hydrangeas

Garden design is the foundation of any great landscape. What does your dream garden look like? Make that dream a reality with garden design secrets, ideas, and inspiration for front yards and backyards.

This sweetly scented ground cover is an old-fashioned favorite.

Best White Flowers for Your Garden

The Best Fragrant Flowers for your garden. -- though it's small, lily-of-the-valley packs a big fragrance in its nodding white or pink bell-shape flowers. It's a tough, low-care groundcover you can practically plant and forget in shady spots.

A great, extra-reliable tree that makes a big statement in fall, sugar maple offers gorgeous red, orange, or yellow end-of-the-season leaves.

Top Trees and Shrubs for Fall Color

Top Trees and Shrubs for Adding Fall Color to Your Yard, from Better Homes & Gardens

The amount and timing of pruning for your hibiscus depends on what kind of hibiscus it is, and where you live.

Can My Hibiscus Come Back from Freezing Temperatures?

The amount and timing of pruning for your hibiscus depends on what kind of hibiscus it is, and where you live.

Try these versatile houseplants in your home.

9 Top Ferns to Grow as Houseplants

Growing berries isn't difficult when you select the right container, variety, and location

Our Top Tips for Growing Berries in Containers

They look great on a porch or just outside your door.

Holiday-Inspired Outdoor Decorating that Lasts

This boxwood beauty is an elegant way to break outside the circle. The chilly blue wreath starts with a purchased square boxwood wreath and finishes with mini ornaments and glittering sugar beads.

Bonus: We name the easiest orchid varieties to care for to guarantee success.

How to Care for Orchids

How to Care for Orchids. Orchids are no more difficult to care for than ordinary houseplants. They require slightly different watering and fertilizing techniques, but with this easy guide you'll be growing beautiful orchids in your home in no time.

These top plant picks make your choice easy.

Best Plants for Hedges

Boxwood sets the standard for formal clipped hedges. Its ability to withstand frequent shearing and shaping makes this evergreen popular. You can also let it grow tall to provide a screen. Some varieties grow to 20 feet tall.

Peacock plant is one of the more commonly available types of Calathea, but you're likely to find several other species in garden shops.

Fantastic Foliage Houseplants

From frilly fronds to big, bold, brightly colored leaves, foliage houseplants set the tone in any room. Choose from the selection of attractive tropical beauties described here to dress up your home.

Some common misconceptions of home composting is that it's too complicated, it'll smell funny, and that it's messy.

Composting Made Easy

Compost (hot and cold): Learn how to make your own compost -- as well as get tips on the best type of compost bin so you can enjoy the benefits of "black gold" in your garden.

Building with brick can be pleasant work, but it takes some practice before you become proficient.

Brick Raised Bed

Build a Babbling Brook A shallow slope is the perfect site for a burbling stream and several smaller waterfalls. Cascading water giggles over slopes that once seemed unmanageable and attracts wildlife.

Among the most popular container-garden plants, sweet potato vine is a vigorous grower that you can count on to make a big impact.

Sweet potato vine, Ipomoea batatas light: Part Sun, Shade, Sun Height: Under 6 inches to 3 feet Type: Annual