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an old book cover with three people in ancient costumes
Alice and Martin Provensen's The First Noel
a drawing of a red bird with leaves on it's head and the word love written in black ink
marly youmans and the foliate head: part 2
Sketches, Kunst, Cool Art, Art Design, Illustrations
Kalevala- the Queen Louhi Sends Wolfs on Kalevala
two black and white images with different designs on the same wall, one has an image of a man holding a sun
black and white artwork with animals on it
an old book cover with a drawing of a cat on it's back and the words fairy tales written in orange
brothers grimm
an image of a book cover with animals and people on the pages, in black and red
Lithuanian illustrations (c. 1947–1972)
an orange and blue circle with two animals on it
a black and white drawing of animals on a white background with the letter m in it's center
Minna Leunig
black and white artwork with animals on it
a painting with many different designs on it
p99 watering the garden « Hilke Macintyre
a black and white painting with red dots on it's border, depicting an abstract landscape
Hilke MacIntyre
an image of three women in black and white art print by artist susan grisell
Libby Schreiber
two women standing next to each other in front of sunflowers and flowers on a black background
Barbara Hanrahan | Autumn (1989) | MutualArt