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a multicolored couch sitting on top of a wooden frame
Uma chaise long recuperada numa combinação de cores espectacular (decoração)
ABruxinhaCoisasGirasdaCarmita: Uma chaise long recuperada numa combinação de core...
an upholstered chair with colorful fabric on it's back and arms, sitting in front of pallets
Jules Madden
Jules Madden
a wooden box with four different designs painted on the front and sides, sitting on top of a table
Artesanias Mexicanas
lovely ceramic drawers
an old chest with candles on it
Coffre indien - Gipsy... - Feste Home Decor
Excellent Coffre indien – Gipsy The post Coffre indien – Gipsy… appeared first on Feste Home Decor .
a wooden cabinet with many colorful tiles on the front and back sides, next to a potted plant
Ceramic CD/Storage Chest
a wooden cabinet with many colorful tiles on it
Как разукрасить комод: Идеи и вдохновение в журнале Ярмарки Мастеров
Как все, наверное, уже заметили, мне очень нравится мебель со всякими ящичками. Ну а по количеству ящичков комоды явно на первых местах. Комод может скромно стоять в углу комнаты и исправно выполнять свою функцию по хранению всего и вся. Но любой, даже самый скромный комод способен на многое, если его, например, разукрасить.
there are many colorful items on the table
an old blue painted desk with two drawers
SOLD Turquoise Blue Desk Boho Furniture Secretary - Etsy
an old door is painted blue and has colorful tiles on the bottom half of it
The Upcycled Garden Volume 6: Using Recycled Salvaged Materials In Your Garden
A beautifully painted door adds charm to a garden - what a fun project! #GardenArt