Bandana Hair

I don't dig the tattoos but the scarf is really cute, i like the sunglasses with it too, it adds to the look, the t shirt is plain and there is a simple silver necklace


Is it cool to wear bandanas? Well, it looks like bandanas/head scarves are back on fashion track! In today's post I want to draw your attention to this head


Six ways to wear a head wrap, bandana, scarf, or whatever you call it.


Time to show you some hot rough sexy inked beauties again! If you can't get enough from these inked beauties, check out the amazig gifs at last;


Current:: "Pia Mia" is really big in pop culture right now. She is most frewuently seen with a red bandana in her hair. This always reminds me of the headscarves and the Rosie the Riveter look of this time period.