Where the music sounds / I am from Slovakia. I love music, books, animals. I play the keyboard, i like singing, listening to song, watching stars and sunset and watch serials.
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My name’s Ashley, storyboard artist for Disney's Milo Murphy's Law! Welcome to…

Caerulus Ignus - Packin’ up for another year at school… (Dipper and Mabel, Hogwarts, Gravity Falls, Over The Garden Wall, Done and created by KicsterAsh)


a simple lychee

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Gravity Falls by on @DeviantArt

Gravity Falls by fabiolinoart

Those two have many things in common, and is so cute they get along so well #GravityFalls #Mabel #Ford

Whenever anyone says Ford only interacted with Dipper and didnt care about Mabel Im showing them this post. Ford cared about Dipper and Mabel equally fight me

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