Neverlife nostalgia

Pictures that make me tear up, appreciate world's beauty with a hint of nostalgia for a life I've never had (never will)
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an open book with japanese writing on it and a pen sitting next to the pages
爱 ▸  ៸៸ . ★  m i s o
an image of a man and woman looking at each other
They're so cute smh
Manga-Lady K And The Sick Man 🤑
the inside of a van with an open bed and storage drawers on the back wall
Van life ( plan A ) ♡
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an open book with drawings on it sitting on top of a white bed sheet next to a purple flower
a box filled with lots of different types of toothbrushes
My filled notebooks from the last 15 years (including Moleskine, Piccadilly, HandBook Artist Journals, Pen & Ink Sketchbooks, Hahnemuhle and others)
a cluttered desk with lots of papers on it
pancakes, chocolate and peanut butter are on the counter next to two cups of coffee
#nutella #crepes #banana #coffee #chocolate #breakfast