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a close up of a flower being held by someone's hand with a needle
Who else loves anemones so much 😀🖤? So here is the video on how I piped these beautiful flowers with my Cashewcreme 😀🖤! I used a tip Number…
a yellow cake with white flowers and green leaves
На данном изображении может находиться: еда
a pink cake decorated with roses and macaroons
Нет, не могу удержаться 😃 Пусть сегодня будет два поста, а завтра возьму выходной, ладно? 😜 Моя новая любовь ❤ А любовь к Парижу, Франции…
several pink flowers on a white plate with leaves and petals scattered around the flower stems
Mudan flowes. Chinese peony in Burgundy tone. Buttercream flowers. Be member of Online class For info/ #butter…
a person holding a flower in their hand with a pair of scissors on the table
귀여운모습에 앙금플라워 피오니 ~ 예쁘게된거같아 !
귀여운모습에 앙금플라워 피오니 ~ 예쁘게된거같아 ! - YouTube
a person holding a piece of paper with a flower on it and a book in the background
Buttercream Calla Lily, simple yet pretty @Regrann from @majolicacakes
a person is painting flowers on a plate
1,188 kedvelés, 35 hozzászólás – LadyBerryCupcakeSchool (@ladyberrycupcakes) Instagram-hozzászólása: “🍃🌸I have been looking for someone who creates flowers with a pallet knife similar to the amazing…”