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a ceramic vase sitting on top of a wooden table
a brown and white vase sitting on top of a table next to a wall with no one in it
Large Obvara Bottle Dark Splatter
Obvara is an ancient raku firing technique that is completely non toxic and made using only fermented flour, water it was developed in the Baltic region of Eastern Europe (Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus) in the 12th Century. The nature of the technique results in beautiful tones of brown, black and orange patterns that mimic organic textures of coral, wood or leaves. Due to the nature of the technique no two pieces are ever finished the same and are beautiful in their own distinct way. Note: This is
TMC Pottery Squat Vase
Beautiful, in 16 seconds a super fast tutorial Unlock the world of hand-built ceramics with our speedy guide to crafting a stunning textured squat vase using clay, pottery, ceramics, and hand-building techniques. Follow these simple steps to create your masterpi… Read More In Our Blog Post >
five wooden sculptures are lined up on a shelf in front of a white wall and one is made out of wood
vessels — tania whalen
vessels — tania whalen