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an old black and white photo of a woman wearing a coat with a bow tie
Laura Bullion–1876–1961–Female Outlaw
Laura Bullion–1876–1961– In the 1890s, Laura Bullion was a member of Butch Cassidy’s gang the Wild Bunch and had a colorful career before and after
a group of people standing on the side of a road next to an elephant car
Carhoots Car Gifts
Sidewalk Skiing - A New Saudi Arabia Sport
an old truck driving through some water
Russian Trucks.mp4
rusian truck
an aerial view of a large cathedral in the middle of a city with tall spires
Le Mont Saint-Michel - França
Mont Saint-Michel, France. When the tides come in, the island is NOT accessible. When the tides go OUT, then you can drive to the island. Amazing place to visit! A must see!!
a bunch of different lines that are on top of each other in the same direction
The Internet's Most Asked Questions
Math- it doesn't have to be as complicated as we currently teach it. This just blew my mind, and I don't have trouble with math.
a large rock sitting in the middle of a desert
always found these fascinating! The sliding rocks in Death Valley National Park: Racetrack Playa is almost completely flat, 2.5 miles from north to south and 1.25 miles from east to west, and covered with cracked mud. The rocks -- some weighing hundreds of pounds, slide across the sediment, leaving furrows in their wakes, but no one has actually witnessed it; even NASA cannot explain it.
a person on skis is in the air above some rocks and water with mountains in the background
Photograph by Bissell Hazen while in a cave at Crystal Mountain, Washington
the reflection of trees in water is shown
The World's Tallest Tree Is Hiding Somewhere In California
The Stratosphere Giant by James Balog via Robert Krulwich, npr: 369' high, roughtly wice the size of the Statue of Liberty (minus the foundation), the people who discovered it have never revealed its true location, which is somewhere in Humboldt Redwoods State Park. #Tree
the sun is shining brightly in the sky over some buildings and cars on the road
BREAKING: Huge Meteor Over Russia Shatters Windows, Injures Dozens (Updated)
Meteor in Russia
an unusual cloud is seen in the sky over a hill and ocean at sunset or dawn
35PHOTO - Станислав Савицкий - ***
two people standing in the snow looking at a hole that has been dug into ice
National Post
A handout photo taken on February 15, 2013, and provided by the Chelyabinsk region police department shows people standing near a six-metre hole in the ice of a frozen lake, reportedly the site of a meteor crash outside the town of Chebakul.
colorful trees in the forest are painted with colors
The rainbow tree
"Rainbow Eucalyptus trees on Maui, Hawaii The phenomenon is caused by patches of bark peeling off at various times and the colors are indicators of age. A newly shed outer bark reveals bright greens which darken over time into blues and purples and then orange and red tones."
a long exposure shot of a rocket taking off into the night sky with its reflection in the water
Lustful Whispers