Turtleneck Italian Greyhound

Animals wearing sweaters

Turtleneck Italian Greyhound~ I'm gonna own like seven maybe eight Italian greyhounds when I'm older. they will wear matching turtleneck sweaters. they will be fabulous.

Jack Russell Terrier: JRTCA Fun: Main Picture Gallery

This is the main JRTCA picture gallery. It contains over photos of Jack Russell Terriers.

Happy goat :)

Funny pictures about Having a bad day? Here is a smiling lamb. Oh, and cool pics about Having a bad day? Here is a smiling lamb. Also, Having a bad day? Here is a smiling lamb.


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Basenji by Matthew Clemente, via Flickr

Little Known Dog Breeds - a few canines that you may not be familiar. You also get to hear my take on mutts and mongrel dogs of mixed breeds.

The Basenji, sometimes called the "barkless" dog, originated in Africa and was known in ancient Egypt. Dogs of this breed are gentle and make loyal companions. My thanks go to the photographer who took this wonderful picture.

The Basenji- an African Sighthound that hunts not only with sight, but also sound. Cat-like in nature, they are very loyal companions, extremely smart, and they don't bark!