Beaded earrings

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two beaded earrings with yellow and white flowers on them sitting on top of a rock
three beaded cross pendants on a black surface with the words, diy
Celtic Knot Beaded Earrings or Pendant || Herringbone Celtic Knot 🪢
two cross - stitch diamond earrings with hearts on them are hanging from gold chains in front of a green background
Pretty Heart Beaded Earrings
Bring out your creative side when you make these great earrings for yourself or a friend. Click on the link to find out how to purchase the pattern and find more great designs
beaded earrings and necklaces are being worked on by the same person in this video
Tiny Seed & Bugle Beads
someone is holding up some beaded earrings in their hand and it looks like they are made out of beads
the earrings are made out of beads and have an eagle design on each earring