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Bolek Koprivnansky

Bolek Koprivnansky
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Completed in 2015 in Denmark. Images by Andreas Mikkel Hansen, Patrick Ronge Vinther. Villa S, is located with a newly established residential area on one side, and with a forest on the other - not far from Copenhagen, Denmark.

Multiplan Arhitekti / Balcony apartments 1

Buildings of housing Brdo /funcitional unit

RS Apartment - STUDIO 1408

This project represents an experiment of materiality: Antithetic Juxtaposition of metal and wood, with the debut of a new finish in the local design language – Bluesteel. Metal sheets are heated and tempered in special industrial.

Apartment For A Guy And Even Two Of Them / Metaforma

Polish architecture firm Metaforma have designed an apartment in Poznan, that features a palette of greys and wood to create a masculine appearance. It's delightfully minimalist and love the floating wood staircase

House At Zimmerberg Bottom / Rossetti + Wyss Architekten

Built by Rossetti + Wyss Architekten in Zurich, Switzerland with date Images by Jürg Zimmermann. The one-story house, which has impressive diagonal views of Lake Zurich and the Alps, is situated on the upper edge o.

EFH Riedholz / Tormen Architekten AG

Image 1 of 35 from gallery of EFH Riedholz / Tormen Architekten AG. Photograph by Mark Drotsky Architekturfotografie