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a person holding up a gold cloth with the words chocolate fabric recipe written on it
Dayeeta Pal | Hyper-realistic Cake Artist | Illusion Cakes on Instagram: "Making edible fabric with chocolate is soo satisfying !! So smooth and glides silkily like satin😍😍 The best part is it tastes like white chocolate gummy. So tasty that my kids love it when I make it so I have to be sure to make some extra 😉 I’m not sure who the original inventor is but I learnt this technique from @dinarakasko Here’s how easy it is! All you need 30g gelatine powder 60g water 60g white chocolate 1 tsp glycerine Add the water in the gelatine powder and let it rest for 10 mins to bloom. Now microwave till gelatine dissolves. Melt white chocolate and add it to the gelatine mixture. Ad 1 tsp glycerine and mix well. If necessary warm it for a few seconds to make sure its a liquid consistency. No
there is a white cake with pink flowers on it
Для кондитеров: уроки, рецепты Поиск кондитеров
there are many small desserts on the table
Banánovo-malinové mini tartaletky s karamelovou polevou
a bowl filled with green frosting on top of a table
Pistáciový krém - PavlavTroubě.cz
Pistáciový krém
a three tiered wedding cake with white frosting
Myweddinguides - clothes reflect personality
Pastry Palace Las Vegas - Cake 1417 - Pintucked. Three sparkling white round tiers form an achromatic tower which is then decked out in splendiferous pintucks encircling the bottom layer, and forming a dramatic “V” on the uppermost layer. A discreet strand of seed pearls outlines the pintucks of the “V”, setting off the start of an intricate lace applied there and continuing down into the middle tier.
a white bird with feathers on it's head and some gold balls in its beak
Blown and pulled sugar Peacock from Chinese sugar artist Zhang Jiaqing | Pulled And Blown Sugar Competitions | Pulled sugar art, Blown sugar art, Sugar art
sugar pulled art | Blown and pulled sugar Peacock from Chinese sugar artist Zhang Jiaqing