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Veronika Blatnická

Veronika Blatnická
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Peter and Wendy - Peter Pan

I know Peter never grows up and therefore would be jailbait at Prom, but this is fanart, dammit! Border came from a brush pack on deviantart Disney Prom- Peter Pan

same dipper

Over protective Dipper. Seriously though he should really do what Dipper says because Dipper learned to shot a laser from Gruncle Ford and can and will kill this guy if given the chance. We all know Dipper would for his twin.

Eddie Redmayne, Movie, Actresses

I love Loki straightening his hair

just loki straightening his hair. haha yesh>>> he kinda looks like nico di Angelo<<<< the Loki hair thing reminds me AmazingPhil and danisnotonfire.

"Now, now, boys. When you are feeling afraid or sad, remember that you have your brother beside you. Brothers protect each other." ....aaanndd the feels are back.

Frigga, Thor, and Loki. Well, thank you for breaking my heart.<< and when all you think about is Thor protecting Loki, remember that Loki also protected Thor (even though you might not realize it)

Bucky and Captain America

Captain America and the Winter Soldier <- excuse me, but who gave you permission to rip out my heart with this beautiful piece of artwork?