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LOL!!! :)

Why does this sum up Ren's character? Maybe because he's a spoiled three year old brat. He's so much like Anakin. Except Anakin actually got cool. Ren just got a whole lot of hate.

@apelad || The Last Jedi || Easter eggs

Can you see the outline of Darth Vader hidden in the latest poster for The Last Jedi? Well, some Star Wars fans certainly think they can.

IM just saying that there is a clone phase 2 and a stormtrooper together as father and son anyone else see that?!

stormtrooper: "dont look son its that trouble maker rebel!" son stormtrooper: " but he looks alright dad" :father stormtrooper: " you see son. he kinda blew up my best friend bob, your mother and my workstation. i was so close to a raise.

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When your bored of playing endless apps on your iPad, grab some Lego bricks and play on your Lego iPad mini cover! Full coverage case that protects the back and the front of your iPad mini.

Cats Toys Ideas - LEGO Building Instructions for dogs, cats, guinea pigs, lizard, and goldfish! Love the dachshund and the cats. - Ideal toys for small cats

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