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a woman feeding chickens on the farm with text overlay that reads chicken care 101 the easy way
How To Take Care Of Egg Laying Chickens | Raising Backyard Hens | Easy Poultry Tips for Beginners
a jar filled with fresh violet flowers sitting on top of a green grass covered field
How To Make Wild Violet Simple Syrup
One section of our northern Minnesota yard is almost covered in wild violets! Making wild violet simple syrup is super easy, and it's a great way to use up these lovely little flowers if you have them in your yard! Plus wild violets are loaded with antioxidants and Vitamin C. So for gourmands and foragers alike, a wild violet simple syrup is a truly special, seasonal, and local treat!
pickles are in a jar next to a bowl full of pickle slices on a wooden table
Bread & Butter Pickles – One of the Great Depression’s Greatest Hits
wild onion or wild garlic - a pictorial guide for beginner gardeners and homeowners
Wild Onion or Wild Garlic? A Pictorial Identification Guide
There is often vigorous disagreement among botanists and seasoned foragers about the difference in wild onion and wild garlic plants. Sometimes it even crosses over into whether they are different plants at all. Take a look at the characteristics of each and see for yourself how clear it can be.
yellow flowers with the words how and why to grow mullein
How To Sow, Grow & Harvest Mullein - Verbascum
several jars filled with pickles and cucumbers on a wooden counter top next to each other
Refrigerator Dill Pickles
I've been making...and we've been eating...these pickles like crazy around here. I've made about 18 pints so far! They are crunchy, easy ...
a potted plant with the words 5 plants that will make you turn off your air conditioner
During summertime, there is no one who would like to stay inside. But, the daily temperatures are so high that we must stay indoor with our air conditioner turned on. However, this significantly increases our electric bills and burdens our budget. Fortunately, there are some money-saving alternatives such as plants that can keep your home…
several different types of lettuce growing in the garden with text overlay that reads how to harvest lettuce so it tastes all season
How to Harvest Lettuce So it Lasts All Season Long!
Knowing how and when to harvest lettuce can help you extend the life of your garden fresh lettuce. When it comes to harvesting leaf lettuce, this simple trick will help you make the most of your harvest. This cool season crop can last for months using this cut and come again technique.
some green plants with the words tips for growing arugula on them in front of it
Tips for Growing Arugula in Your Garden
Tips for Growing Arugula in Your Garden - How to grow arugula from seed, how to transplant arugula seedlings, when and how to harvest arugula plants.
lettuce plants growing in the ground next to an old rake
How to Know When Romaine Lettuce Is Ready to Pick | Hunker
How to Know When Romaine Lettuce Is Ready to Pick? | eHow
chicken supplies to always buy at the dollar store
10 Chicken Supplies from the Dollar Store
Chicken supplies from dollar store. Why spend more than you have to? Pick up these common chicken care items for only $1!