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Looking to get a flat belly by summer? here's the best 6 minute ab workout to melt off the belly fat and sculpt your abs. #bellyfat #abworkout #abexercises

Get a flat belly with this 6 minute ab workout. If your abs aren't ready for summer, grab this belly fat torching body-weight workout and sculpt a lean, sexy stomach. A collection of 6 Minute Workouts is also available now.

Evolution of the iPhone

The iPhone was first introduced in the Apple Conference June 2007 by Steven Jobs and after the original iPhone Apple continued to make new iPhones like the 6 Plus, Plus, and now the SE.

The Flat Belly Workout:::Lord knows I need to do more of this and less eating junk. #sadface

DIY Flat Belly Workout fitness motivation weight loss exercise diy exercise exercise quotes healthy living home exercise diy exercise routine exercise quote ab workout fat loss 6 pack. So need to do!

Probably more than 2x/week, but a super-simple and fast workout to do while watching TV (or waiting for cookies to bake....?)

Morning routine for days that I don't feel like going to the gym? (Although if my options are this or the gym, I'm probably going to get myself to the gym.) another quick workout!