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You can't get much simpler than this and still have the comforts of home. What a wonderful little cabin. I'd live in a tiny house like that. No question.

Cabin deep in the woods of Northern California. Spring water and solar power and scavenged wood and antique portholes from real ships - from Tiny House Swoon - Futura Home Decorating

Tim's Dual Use Home Office Add s 6 inch swivel piece of timber just under the bottom shelf to turn round to support the drop down piece.

Name: Tim GrocottLocation: Auckland, New ZealandYour Home Office Organization or Tech Tip: We needed a dual use space, this is our office as well as our TV room

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5 Ways of Powering your Home on Wheels.When you start contemplating living in any sort of mobile home, one of your first thoughts is often “How am I going to p

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