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One touch and everybody snaps back into place...even the oldest one. XD

O nudging Xiumin so he can turn around.I like how he obeyed instantly and was nervously glancing at one dares disobey satansoo! And then there's baekhyun in the back glancing at both of then like 'oh shit'

EXO KAI... OH MY EVERYTHING THAT IS HOLY O___________________O -- previous pinner seems to like this gif

Kai wtf you think you're doing? Get back in your nappy before I slap you

I got: 13 Right! - Which kpop boy group do they belong to?

And here we have 2 hyungs jumping like complete pabos. We also have a sassy chim chim and leadernim doing their signature dance of their people. There is 2 gorgeous maknaes doing the tree of life from EXO. And lastly we have a suga