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four different types of art work in black and white, with the same color scheme
This will make you think
four different pictures with the same image in them
Fab: Fabrice Monteiro's garbage garments
an iceberg floating in the ocean with text that reads national geographic planet or plastic?
National Geographic's Clever New Cover Contains Chilling Warning About Plastics
an advertisement for the world environment day with a whale in plastic bag floating on water
Branding Company in Kochi | Branding Company in Kerala
a man riding a wave on top of a surfboard in the middle of trash
Surfing paradise has a serious trash problem
a crab that is sitting in the sand
Home - Heal the Bay
an eagle statue sitting in the middle of a parking lot with tires on it's feet
Natural Science
a very cute looking bunny made out of many different things in it's body
Rabbit Rabbit Sculpture