Boglárka Ivanega

Boglárka Ivanega

Boglárka Ivanega
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70 Pieces of Eco-Friendly Jewelry - From Postage Stamp Earrings to Upcycled Ammo Rings (CLUSTER)

If you don't have a green thumb, you can get one step closer with this custom moss ring by Warsaw-based Sylwia Calus Design. The rings are made from resin with actual moss embedded inside. (via svpply)

Julien Palast. Skindeep. A study on the body-object, ephemeral...

french photographer julien palast has conceived his 'skindeep' series, vivid image-based project silhouettes the beauty of the human form by shrink-wrapping bodies, exposing the contours and curves of male and female figures with vibrant colors.

Made in Brasil.

whatjanesaw: Diego Max Inspired by Victorian era medical illustration, Diego Max creates retro-steampunk inspired collages which combine his love of art and anatomy