Jozefína Borbelyová

Jozefína Borbelyová

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Can't imagine a better day....

Polka dot grey wristlet Clutch Purse Vegan Faux by HelloVioleta, $28.00

Best Hiking Tips For Women Hikers

If This is a Drawing It came Out Truly very Good. Wow! Pencil Artist: Shaena Bunce. Photo referenced, apparently used without permission, according to web site this was posted from: (Some very good comments and advice on protecting photos). Copyright Laws and plagiarism, something artists should be mindful of.

Wall Art Tree Print Endangered Animals. Would love to have this hanging in my house.

Blanka Biernat photographer and illustrator. Logo inspiration?

Leisure Stripe Print Short Bat Sleeve T-shirt LOVE

Allrecipecenter: Inside Out S’mores Bars