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Beards Are Back! Heres How to Manage Yours

How to Shave Your Mustache, Beard, or Mutton Chops: A Guide to Glorious Facial Hair

Maybe you had a hard time believing it. Maybe you had a friend who said, “Grow a beard and see for yourself.” Maybe you’ve witnessed it first-hand at a bar or other social outing in which you’re competing with dozens (seems like thousands) for the attention of attractive women. Still doubting? Then, friend, it’s time to come to grips with the fact that men with beards are seen as attractive. Women love them. Grow one and be prepared for your social scene success rate to shoot up to a new…

10 Reasons Why Beards Are Attractive


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The decline bench press is an exercise which helps you get the complete chest development. It recruits more of the inner pecs, i.

“No beard no love ~~ Visit Follow @BeardMotivation #BrewingBeards #uygp ☕ #beard #beardgang #beards #bearded #beardlife #beardporn…”

“No beard no love ~~ Visit Follow @BeardMotivation #BrewingBeards #uygp ☕ #beard #beardgang #beards #bearded #beardlife #beardporn…”

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