Capsule Hotel, Japan

unrar: “Japanese capsule hotels cater to businesspeople staying in a city for one night. Each capsule has a television, stereo, air conditioner, and an alarm clock, by Paul Chesley.

La Villa Hamster, France

La Villa Hamster, France

Out’N’About Treehouse Treesort, Oregon

Tired of the same old hotels? Have you ever thought about staying in a treehouse hotel? Oregon has one and it's one of the most awesome treehouses ever.

Grand Canyons Cavern Suite, Arizona

I'm not entirely convinced that this is a real thing but that's mostly because it seems like one of those too perfect, first version of the Matrix things that was made just for me. The Grand Canyon Caverns, Cavern Motel Room -

Dog Park Inn, Idaho

Dog Bark Inn, the biggest beagle in the world named Sweet Willy in Cottonwood, Idaho. It was built by built by Dennis J. Sullivan and Frances Conklin in 2003 and has only one suite.