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a wooden sculpture with a golden sphere in the center on top of a white table
Kunstobjekte aus Holz mit 24 Karat Blattgold
an old wooden boat hanging from the side of a white wall with rope on it
Route pèche, création en bois flotté
a tall metal sculpture with three balls on it's sides and one in the middle
Composition by Pan Panak
Sculpture, Subject: Abstract and non-figurative, Geometric style, From a limited edition of 20, Signed and numbered on the back, Size: 4.72 x 11.81 x 2.76 in, Materials: Iron
a sculpture made out of wood and black scissors
Carved Wood Sculpture by Stéphane Derozier.
two pieces of wood that have been cut in half and placed on top of each other
Alternate, by George Peterson. 2010 Gallery Lulo.
three pieces of wood are stacked on top of each other with black cords attached to them
Sculptures en bois pour la décoration et les architectes d'intérieur, pièces uniques
colonnes 60 à 160 cm
Persuasive Currents No. 1 (2011) is wall sculpture by John Goodyear, aka “John Paul Goodyear”. Ceramic Art, Art Furniture
Persuasive Currents No. 1 by woodturner and sculptural artist John Goodyear.
a wooden sculpture sitting on top of a metal stand in front of a gray background
three light bulbs are hanging from wooden beams
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Большие лампы из африканской тыквыКаждая лампа имеет свой характер, уникальное свечение и узор на стенах и потолке. Размеры до 60 см. Сделано из африканской тыквы.(Дизайнерские светильники, ночники и бра из африканской тыквы на заказ)(Уникальные дизайнерские светильники из африканской тыквы)(Авторские светильники из африканской тыквы)
a brown and red object sitting on top of a fur covered floor next to a window
Wood porn!! Trout in water illusion, by Tom Dean
Nakamoto Forestry @nakamotoforestry #yakisugi #fairfax #suyaki #woodcladding #japanese-style