Persona diptych series by Jason Travis Great pics of what is in peoples bags. These are my favorites
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the man is standing next to his assortment of cameras and other items that he has collected
Christopher Diptych
Christopher liking the stash
a woman is surrounded by her assorted items
Cassie Diptych
Cassie i love that she has Opera glasses and a Gameboy Color ^__^
Alana  THAT CAMERA! Essential Items, People Of The World, Profile Photo, Character Inspiration, Storytelling
a woman sitting in front of a laptop computer next to other items on a table
Marta Diptych
Marta she has berries and M&M's in her bag!
Jason... a fellow cyclist Special People
Jason Diptych
Jason... a fellow cyclist
Russ Work People, Dagger Tattoo, Pictures Of You, This Guy, Computer, For Sale
Russ Diptych