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an image of a diagram of the human body
Central Nervous System ~ Anatomy Ideas, Kropp, Fitnes, Medical Anatomy, Diabetes
Central Nervous System ~ Anatomy
a man in scrubs holding a heart with blood all over his body and wearing a surgical mask
Doctors Remove 47.5 Pound Tumor From Woman's Abdomen
The University of Arizona Medical Center surgeons worked for 10 hours to remove the massive liposarcoma, a cancer in the abdominal muscle, that had invaded Marcey DiCaro's inferior vena cava -- the body's largest vein. DiCaro stopped breathing and her heart stopped during the surgery.
diagram of the utensils and their functions in the body, with labels on each side
Routing of neural signals from the two eyes to the brain
an image of a man being treated for surgery
Open Heart Surgery Explained (click here to view bigger)