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I just want to feel loved for once I want to feel loved by the one I love the most

As far back as I can remember when someone asked me how I was, I always responded with the word fine. Way back even in elementary school. === I feel these but realize I'm still loved

And this is the part where you find out who you are.

and this is the part where you find out who you are And these are the friends, these who have been there from the start So to he'll with the bad news Dirt on your new shoes It rained all of may til the month of june the Maine

Life=a neverending Sunday afternoon

She dedicates her life to helping everyone she possibly can, all while silently praying for her savior to show up in her life and give the cold, lonely nights of tears and blood positive meaning again.

The only thing that stays really

I'm not scared of the darkness. The darkness is my friend. What I am scared of however is what things lie in the darkness.

My bipolar

Um guys my friend just lost her crush to cancer.and now she's depressed.I don't know the pain of Losing someone dear to you at all.but one day I will feel that pain.Why the hell does cancer even exist. I HATE THE DAMN THING SO MUCH!

Yeah both is hard

É doloroso dizer adeus para alguém que você não quer deixar ir. Mas, é ainda mais doloroso pedir para alguém ficar, quando você sabe que ela quer ir embora.