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a beaver is yawning while sitting on the ground
Eingebürgerte Biber machen sich in Feuerland breit und zer­nagen die Wälder. (Bild: Shutterstock)
two beavers sitting on top of a nest in the woods
December 22, 2012 - Worth A Dam
"As the canoe glided by a clump of hardback bushes, I heard the querulous squeals of the baby beavers." --More Backyard Zoo by Daniel Mannix, now in eBook $6.99
a close up of a small animal with its mouth open and hands in the air
Une nouvelle tablette Sony en fuite sous le nom de code "Castor"
Tablette Sony Castor
a beaver floating in the water with its head above the surface and it's eyes open
Spirit Bears, Sea Wolves, and 15 Other Reasons You Need to Visit the Great Bear Rainforest
An American beaver enjoys a swim through the temperate waters of the rainforest.
an image of a beaver lodge in the wild with bears on it's back
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beaver dam project for kids | Spread of Beavers
an animal that is standing next to a fallen tree in the woods with it's mouth open
Beaver / Castor
Vintage beaver.................hard at work felling a tree, c. 1931.
an animal that is in the water with algae on it's back legs and head
Beaver Mania! Film screening, music, talks (FREE)
Beaver Mania! Film screening, music, talks (FREE)
a wet beaver is standing in the water
Steven Johnson
Beaver - one of these guys swings by every evening at The Last Resort Vacation Cabin on the Clark Fork River in northern Idaho.
an animal that is sitting on a log
Beaver: North American Beaver (Castor canadensis) photo or image | Tom & Pat Leeson
Beaver (Castor canadensis) chewing on fallen cottonwood tree, Western U.S., Fall.
three wet beavers are sitting in the water
Pictures of the day: 1 October 2014
A husband and wife photography team, Bettina and Christian Kutschenreiter. are now so friendly with a family of wild beavers they let them take their portrait.
a beaver is eating grass in the water
awwww! Cute!
Adorable baby beaver having a sip of water
an animal that is sitting on top of another animal
Buttonwood Park Zoo Recevies Three Baby Beavers - New Bedford Guide
Mama beaver and her 3 babies
an animal that is standing on some rocks in the water with it's mouth open
Beavers are very good at creating ponds. They are also good at felling trees by river banks. Some cities have to put wire around their trees lower trunks.
a small rodent standing on its hind legs in front of a tree trunk and grass
Beavers get social - Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium
hazel beaver 1-7-15 More
an animal that is sitting in the grass with its hands on it's face
Beaver Symbolism | Beaver Meaning | Spirit Animals
The Beaver is my spirit animal: "Totem animal of never ever giving up on your dream."