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Montessori Math Activities

An overview of the Montessori math curriculum with concrete materials to introduce abstract concepts and a sequential understanding of mathematical concepts - Living Montessori Now

CGS: Making the Chasubles and Chasuble Stands

Making Chasubles and Stands for Your Atrium An Atrium is a place where young children learn to fall in love with God. My Montessori class.

Judaism Symbols and Meanings

The seventeenth bracha of Shmoneh Esrei deals with the temple services. We ask Hashem to restore our ability to do the Temple services, and as an extension of that we need the temple back as well. We ask for the temple and the ability to serve in it.

The Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Catholic Teaching In the Sacrament of Confirmation they teach us that on our Confirmation we receive the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit and we pray to God to help us with one in particular rather then all the others.