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there is a baby crib in the room
Full size bed? put a gate on it, increase the height of the walls, and raise it up on some legs, and you've got a toddler-proof loft bed. Just make sure your slats are safe!
a white crib with clouds and pillows in it
Etsy France - Achetez des cadeaux faits main, vintage, personnalisés et uniques pour tout le monde
Tour de lit évolutif, coloris gris clair, doré et blanc, pour des nuits paisibles
two electronic clocks with the same time displayed on each one's face, set against a white background
27 Baby Gadgets for New Parents
Pacifier Thermometer : Can we just pretend the rectal thermometer was never invented? We love two-in-one gadgets.
a collage of baby items including blankets, cribs, and bedding
Turquoise Elephant Nursery Rooms by Authenticaa on Etsy
Turquoise Elephant Nursery Rooms by Authenticaa on Etsy--Pinned with http://TreasuryPin.com
a baby crib with a stuffed animal in it
Stina style playmat
a white crib with two pillows on top of it
5 IKEA Hacks We Loved So Much in 2023, We’re Bringing Them Into the New Year
SNIGLER crib IKEA hack cosleeper
an open drawer in a bed room with folded towels and diapers on the bottom shelf
Boori 'Lucia' change table & dresser with mint green storage compartments. After looking everywhere for suitable baskets, I managed to find the best ones at the Reject shop! They fit perfectly.