Stitches of Life II: From the cover ....

This is motif I tatted this motif with Marilee Rockley's l ovely HDT . This color reminds me of Hello Kitty and hearts.

Wyzwanie 25 Motif

Well, yesterday between Sunday groups I tatted! :) I tatted this cross from Tatting Patterns from Mary Konior(the most expensive book .

Easy like the wings of butterflies delicate as a kiss a loved one refined like fragrance of your favorite perfume - the embodiment of your dreams in the lace earrings Francesca Total length of earring is 7.5x5.0 cm (2.95"1.97") Materyals: cotton thread czech seed beeds. Already available in my Etsy store. Link in profile #bardarsvetlanalace #instajewelry #handmadejewelry #фриволите #ankars #tattinglace #lace #handmadeearrings #handmade #bridesmaidearrings #spring #giftforwoman #picoftheday…

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Good patterns for needle tatting.

Not every pattern works out for needle tatting, but these ones give a good result and are not very complicated to make with a needle.