Golf basics

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SwingTRU Motion Study

The SwingTRU Motion Study - The most comprehensive fact-based golf swing study ever conducted.


Do I still rock it?

A Vivid stance on Ametuer/Beginner golf clubs by a Golf Trainer, from budget Golf sets to most pricey ones, see what factors to consider before buying complete golf set along with top 7 golf set reviews.

How to Transition in the Golf Swing

If you want more pars, but struggle with pulls, weak rights or thin shots, then let's get better compression with your golf shots now with a great move to se...

Keep The Ball In One Place For Every Club

If you get the ball in the right spot, good things tend to fall into place.



WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING “You won’t believe the ball flight andaction is amazing...Love to challenge my buddies this weekend! — James R. | Minot, N Dakota “I bought one more for my office and coworkers. Can’t wait! — Samantha H. | Athens, GA “Sunday Game Night, seriously, this game was a hit! — Ryan B. | Seattle, WA “The


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How to Put Backspin on a Chip Shot Every Time - Beginner Golf Swing Tips

One of the things that separates beginning golfers from more experienced players is that the more experienced players can hit the same shot(s) consistently. Any beginner can certainly hit an amazing golf shot now and then, but as a golfer improves it’s the consistency of their shots that lowers their scores. The title of this […]

Trail Shoulder - Down & Around

If you want more pars, then let's examine your trail shoulder during the downswing. What's it doing? Is it staying high? It is moving down? Or is it moving d...

Jack Nicklaus: My Lifetime Principles For Great Golf

Jack Nicklaus has used these six fundamentals throughout his career. They'll help you reach your potential

The Power Issue: Learn to swing in to out

My tips for beating the over-the-top downswing and putting more pop in your tee shots

Get In The Swing Of Things And Learn These Amazing Golf Tips!

Before you stroll out for a relaxing day on the course, take a few moments to familiarize yourself with some good strategies for golfing success. Ensure that you possess the right equipment, skills, and course know-how to get the most out of your clubs and lower that troublesome handicap.

Point Your Clubface in the Right Direction

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Golf Swing Tips - How to Hit Consistent Iron Shots

Golf Swing Tips - How to Hit Consistent Iron Shots


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Sean Foley: One Move To Better Accuracy

Use Hunter Mahan's ball-striking keys to get sharp.