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Hammered flowers and leaves Letter Card
How to color dandelions
Easy Macrame Plant Hanger Tutorial
A simple macrame plant hanger you could try at home. Friendly for beginners Instagram: rikiniki.macrame
an image of a lamp that is made out of yarn
DIY hanging macrame
Wave Knot Macrame Tutorial
Use this macrame wave knot in macrame wall hangings and macrame plant hangers. It's actually not as difficult as it looks. For other knot tutorials click the link.
How to reinforce a lark's head knot.
If you don't want your lark's head knots loosening up while you are making your first row of knots, then you need to learn how to do these two variations. It'll take you a moment longer to do, but worth the time and also it looks prettier! If you want to learn more about macrame, click on the link to go to my blog where I have tons of tutorials!
an image of a red flower with the text 20 pola flanel bunga
20 Pola Bunga Flanel Gratis
Kali ini telah mengumpulkan beberapa pola bunga flanel yang bisa kamu gunakan secara gratis. Pola ini bisa kamu gunakan unt