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a woman sitting on the ground with her head in her hands and two speech bubbles above her
Pracuji s dětmi
an image of the different types of autisms in english and spanish, with instructions on how to use them
Autismus - příznaky, projevy, symptomy - Příznaky a projevy nemocí
Metabolism, Tela, Joga, Vida, Tcm, Weight, Dieta, Diety
the words in different languages are arranged on each one's face and surrounded by circles
a woman holding a flower in her hand with some words above it that read, jakse zacti mit rad / a
Nezáleží na tom, kdo jsi. Záleží na tom, jak se chováš ke svým nejbližším.
Buď rodičem hrdinou, který věří v dětství bez násilí
a poster with some words in different languages on the front and back of it, including an
Nezáleží na tom, kdo jsi. Záleží na tom, jak se chováš ke svým nejbližším.
a poster with different words in english and spanish on the same page, including an image of
Nezáleží na tom, kdo jsi. Záleží na tom, jak se chováš ke svým nejbližším.
Health Education
Pracuji s dětmi
four different types of animals with their names in english and spanish, including the dog
an illustrated poster with different types of people doing yogas and sitting on the floor
Interactive Pegboard Wall
Interactive Pegboard Wall
Interactive Pegboard Wall
To celebrate the launch of their new book, How to Skimm Your Life, ARCH was commissioned to build a series of three freestanding pegboard walls designed for visitors to share “The Best Advice I Ever Had…” Working with The Skimm’s signature teal color, the 8’ walls were outfitted with secured pegs designed to host notecards for advice sharing. Touring to 10 cities in total, the walls were designed to be modular for transit and ease of assembly.
a hand drawn in black and white with nails on the tip of its thumbnails
Happy Spritz | A Collection of Modern Essential Oil Products
a bulletin board with some writing on it and a flower made out of crayons
Classroom Doors - Be All You Can... (Picture Heavy Post)
Could be a fun project for the first week of school.
an open book hanging from the ceiling with holly garland around it and two opened books above them
Zest Up Mrs. Miller’s English Classroom!
Hang old books in an english classroom to add some fun and inexpensive decor and encourage reading!