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umbrella frame and icicle lights!

umbrella frame and icicle lights!

Colander Lamp, the reflections are beautiful.

Colander Lamp, the reflections are beautiful.

diy pendant lights from the top

Make DIY Pendant Lights (Kitchen Remodel Project)! - Tatertots and Jello

The kitchen remodel is almost done — wooo!! I just have one more project that I am going to finish up this week. Here are my DIY Pendant Lights. I found some lights that I really wanted from a store online, but they were $140 each, and four would = $560, not including the converter

Hula Hoop Chandelier...cute DIY idea for outside lighting--  Cool idea for #retail #display! -&nbspThis website is for sale! -&nbspthefashionfoot Resources and Information.

Blazers have taken on a whole new meaning for women. Once something that professional women proudly walked the streets in their pointy toe heels in is now a sign of fashion. Blazers are being wor…

DIY Sweater lampshade Tutorial

DIY Lampshade Tutorial using a Sweater - Beth Bryan

My plain white lampshades needed an update, and the first thing that popped into my head was to create a cozy cable knit sweater lampshade. Since I don’t own any cozy cable knit sweaters that I want to chop up, I ran down to the Thrift Store on Friday night and scored not one but ... Read More about DIY Lampshade Tutorial using a Sweater

Industrial Pendant, Glass contemporary pendant lighting

5 from the ground.  love this entire site.  !!


鎌倉で古道具やヨーロッパのブロカンテ、アンティークのランプや雑貨、古本、リメイク家具を扱う FIVE FROM THE GROUND のサイトです。 鎌倉から、古道具やアンティーク、フランス、ベルギー、イギリス、オランダなどのヨーロッパの蚤の市で見つけた雑貨(ブロカンテ)や家具、古本、アンティークのランプやオリジナルの鉄脚を使ったテーブルやリメイク家具などをご紹介します。古道具・ブロカンテ・リメイク家具・アンティーク雑貨 FROM 鎌倉