Indigo blue color dyed textiles from cultures all around the world.
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a close up of a white and yellow flower in a blue circle on a piece of cloth
a blue piece of paper sitting on top of a table
an old pair of jeans with patches on them laying on the ground next to some straw
an old piece of cloth that has been torn off and is laying on the ground
a blue and white tie dyed fabric
Arashi Shibori Workshop — Carlyn Clark
an abstract painting with blue and white lines on the surface, as if it were painted in watercolor
an abstract painting with blue and white lines on the ground, in different shades of blue
Blog — Carlyn Clark
“Writ In Water”, 2019, mixed media, 9 panels. 18” x 18” overall
a blue and white square rug with an intricate design on the front, featuring leaves and dots
Carlyn Clark
Carlyn Clark
blue and black collage with various items in it
Indigo Blue Dye - Natural indigo dye is extracted from the the Indigofera plant, and it was a luxury product in Ancient Rome, Europe in the Middle Ages, West Africa, and Edo Japan.
an abstract painting with black and blue colors
Japanese Asa via Junji Miyazawa
two women standing next to each other in front of a wall with designs on it
It'sNike in adire! Yoruba, Nigeria Funky Fashions - Global Village - FUNK GUMBO RADIO: and