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a glass vase with a flower in it
Passion for Art - Official Group | Artist Irina Prudnikova | Facebook
a painting of three roses on a piece of paper with watercolor pencils next to it
26K views · 1.5K reactions | Wow . . brittanylebeda_art | By Drawing PenFacebook
someone is using a brush to paint a piece of white paper
180K views · 3.9K reactions | 置身于山水之中,烦恼尽消,心静如水。#水墨人生 #禅意生活 #国画 | 墨轩子禅画
Nail Designs, Design, Nail, Nail Art Techniques, Nail Polish Supplies, Beauty Nails Design, Beauty Nails, Uñas
541K views · 7.6K reactions | Nail Art Techniques! | Nail Art Techniques! | By Fashion MouseFacebook
a person is using a paint roller to paint a flower on a black piece of paper
13K views · 40K reactions | One of the large framed Monoprints that I dropped off at the Gallery yesterday was this Gadioli, It was so amazing to print with and the detail it created was beautiful. Its one of the largest prints I have made and it was a challenge but definitely worth it. Gladioli have an amazing sybolic meaning too... The name “gladiolus” is derived from the Latin word “gladius,” which means sword and so they carry a rich and surprisingly broad symbolic significance. In Roman times when gladiators engaged in brutal combat they became a symbol of their heroic spirit. They therefore symbolise heroism, strength of character, victory and pride and were associated with the god Mars (Ares in Greek mythology). In floriography they can mean moral integrity, faithfulness, and remembrance. They are often chosen to convey condolences and sympathy, making them a respectful choice for funeral arrangements. However they are also the birth flower for the month of August and the traditional flower for celebrating the 40th wedding anniversary, signifying enduring love and commitment. If you are in Cornwall you can see this one in the flesh at the @cornwall_crafts Gallery in the Grounds of @nttrelissick Gardens, the exhibitions opens on the 27th January. . . . . . .. #gladioli #gladiolus #printmakingwithplants #monoprinting #monoprint #botanicalmonoprint #botanicalprint #gladioliprint #impressionsofnature | Impressions of Nature | BBC Concert Orchestra · Puccini: Turandot / Act 3 - "Nessun dorma"
a group of people standing on top of a snow covered slope
2.3M views · 26K reactions | Let’s paint human figures with 3 brushes 😀 #artbysiddhi | Siddhi Bhandari | John Lennon · Imagine
an image of a video screen with the words 2012 - 11 in english and chinese
522K views · 6.5K reactions | #一起學畫畫 #原創 | 艾琳【洪盛】
someone is painting a sunflower with watercolors
15K views · 1.1K reactions | 😍👉🏻 @watercolor_planet #watercolorvideo #watercolorsketch #watercolorsketching #watercolorartist #watercolor#watercolorpainting#flowerpainting #watercolorist#artist#watercolour#aquarelle#aquarella #watercolorillustration#instaart#stilllife #stilllifepainting #watercolorplanet#instadraw#paint#draw#acuarelle#acuarela#fineart#instaart#instaartist#watercolorplanet#instadraw#paint#acuarelle#acuarela#aquarellepainting #aquarelleart #sketchbookdrawing | Watercolor_Planet | Zaz · La vie en rose
a dandelion with white and black dots on it
228K views · 5.4K reactions | How to paint a dandelion! Working on a slower voiceover tutorial for this one but just had the share th | Ammy Thinker | Ammy Thinker · Original audio
a woman is drawing on paper with a brush and watercolor pen while another person holds a pencil in their left hand
74K views · 997 reactions | A little bit of color mixing zen for this dreary Monday. #colormagic #livingcolorfully | Jen Coleman Art