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This 'Labyrinth' junk lady costume is an incredible tribute to Jim Henson's work | The Daily Dot

Why don't you look where you're going, young woman?

Labyrinth, is the best

tesla-tricity: “ Lovely evening, watching Labyrinth with my best friend. We haven’t been able to finish it, though, cause she had to go, so we’re finishing it tomorrow. But GODS FRAKKIN’ DAMN IT, I...

Catching Up with the Baby from 'Labyrinth'

Thirty years after David Bowie brought him to the goblin kingdom, Toby Froud has become the goblin king.

New Super-Secret Project Reveal: Bringing The Labyrinth's "Junk Lady" To Life

I generally hate sharing process photos before a cosplay is finished, since I'm semi-convinced it jinxes my ability to ever finish the thing, BUT... I think the time has come. So let me walk you through the life-consuming project John and I began about three weeks ago, on the very day we learned there was going to be a Labyrinth Ball during Dragon Con this year. (A moment of sadness, however: the Ball tickets went on sale a few hours ago, sold out in less than 2 minutes, and we didn't get…

9 Labyrinth secrets from the man who made it

Like… the influence of Thomas the Tank Engine?

Labyrinth - Publicity still

Publicity still

The Junk Lady Lives!

Remember the Junk Lady from the film Labyrinth? Jen Yates of Cake Wrecks and Epbot and her husband John built this Junk Lady costume. The whole thing is 37 pounds, and can either be worn or carted around. It was designed for the Labyrinth Ball at Dragoncon, but alas, the tickets to the ball sold out immediately. [] (YouTube link)See more pictures and a description of the build process with all the little details at Epbot here and here. Look for the Junk Lady at…


vintagesalt: “ Labyrinth (dir. Jim Henson, 1986) ”

Officially Licensed Labyrinth Door Knockers

Remember those awesome sentient door knocker in Labyrinth? You know, the ones that kept bickering, even though their mouths were full? Now, thanks to Chronicle Collectibles, you can now get the same door knockers for your home! Just $674.99 for a pair! Please note that you can get some very nice hand-made ones on Etsy […]

An Illustrated History of David Bowie's Profound Influence

David Bowie left behind a legacy beyond his musical accomplishments. His far-reaching influence on music, gender, and art spanned decades. Reflecting on ...