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Cardinal Christmas card design by doormouse1960.deviantart.com

Cardinal Christmas card design by doormouse1960 on DeviantArt

Cardinal Christmas card design by doormouse1960.deviantart.com

After my mom died, a female cardinal sat on a branch outside my office window one day for almost 5 minutes.

Birds Beyond the Glass

Northern Cardinals, American Goldfinches, Blue Jays and Grosbeaks come to our feeders daily. It's a wonderful opportunity to see them up close and watch how they behave.

Roses and Picket Fences

I have always loved roses and picket fences, so the two together has always made me smile. I don't have a picket fence but I do have roses at this house. I used to live in a victorian in NJ and I did have picket fences and roses dripping over them-they were gorgeous. I would love to have picket fences again and I know I will sometime again. I decided to go online to google.com and I found some really beautiful roses on picket fences so I thought I would share them with you:


who would have thought this would come out looking like this by using a chainsaw. it was fun to watch Dave work his magic. made by Dave Watson from Wisconsin Dells,WI