The Cutest Holiday Pregnancy Announcement Ideas We've Seen


Justin Bieber's ex Hailey Baldwin has an VERY eventful start

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We're really, really going to miss him.Of course, Obama isn’t the first US president to win the Nobel Peace Prize, appoint a woman to the Supreme Court, or lead a scandal-free presidency. He’s also not the first president who was charming, funny, and cool

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Holding Up the Universe by Jennifer Niven, Out Oct. 4


Japan's December 7, 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor and six other military bases on the Hawaiian island of Oahu precipitated America's entry into World War II, a global conflict. Pearl Harbor endures as a symbol of American resilience and resolve, and the annual commemoration of the attack on Pearl Harbor fosters reflection, remembrance, and understanding.

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Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Before And After, Weight

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I hate when people say that I only love the twins because of their look I mean u don't fall in love in someone look u fall in love in their personality.

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