Sacramentarium vetustissimum, ad usum ecclesiae Sancti Theoderici prope Remos Date d'édition : 0801-0900 Sujet : Sacramentaires. De Saint-Thierry de Reims Sujet : Liturgie. Liste des jours où l'on chante le Credo et la préface (XIe siècle) Sujet : Préfaces. Liste Type : manuscrit Langue : Latin

Misconceptions ~ Teepees were widely used by the Great Plains tribes of North America, who lived a nomadic existence. Wigwams, on the other hand, were domed dwellings made of grass, cloth, and brush that were popular among the Native Americans of the Northeast and Southwest. American Indian dwelling varied immensely from region to region, and even from season to season.


...Micanopy, FL - the town that time forgot.....


Hmm. Nikola Tesla is such an interesting historical figure. I'd love to study his mind. His thoughts on energy, vibration, and our minds is incredibly thought provoking. I love very much that he was very clear that although he came to some understanding, he would never truly understand completely. But he still tried. This, to me, is what intelligence and wisdom truly is.

vintage everyday: Beautiful Portraits of Native American Teen Girls From Between the 1870s and 1890s

A woman looks out at ruined ships used in the D-Day storming of Normandy. Photograph by David Seymour, 1947.

Walt Disney, American animator and showman, 7 July 1952. National Media Museum/SSPL/Süddeutsche Zeitung Photo

An Edwardian diamond tiara, with foliate swags and floral motifs graduating from the centre, set in white throughout with old brilliant-cut and rose-cut diamonds estimated to weigh a total of 8 carats, all to a yellow gold mount with detachable frame, convertible into a necklace, circa 1910. Bentley & Skinner

Joan Higginbotham (born August 3, 1964) was the third African American female astronaut after Mae Jemison and Stephanie Wilson. She has retired from the space program and is currently Director of Community Relations for Lowe's and serves on the Board of Trustees for North Carolina Central University. Ms, Higgenbotham is a Chicago native and member of Delta Sigma Theta.

See many images of women's war work in the UK and the US at https://www.pinterest.com/yrauntruth/women-at-war-homefront/ and https://www.pinterest.com/yrauntruth/wartime-food-cooking-rationing-victory-gardens/ and https://www.pinterest.com/yrauntruth/women-at-war-nurses/


“The world is an unfair place because of bullying. A lot of parents loose their children because of bullying next time think twice before bullying someone” ― Ryan Lewis